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2019  January.  Embodied Landscapes. [Photo digital Collage Prints.]  Helen 

          Christou Gallery. University of Lethbridge 

2016   arteSPACE.  Paintings.  Concordia University, Mtl, Qu

2016  “Free Flow” Recent Paintings.  Galerie Demdio 9150 Meilleur suite 201 Mtl, 

2013  CLC Montreal Art Gallery "From Left to Right" Paintings.  Mtl, Qu 

2012  Fleurbain Gallery “From Left to Right” Paintings, 460 #917 Ste-Catherine.

          Mtl, Qu 

2009 University of Montreal, Symposium: Sense and Sustainability, Photo Digital

           Collage Prints. Montreal, Qu.  

2009  Maison Thestler, Paintings and Photo Digital Collage Prints, Dorion, Qu.  2000  Modern Fuel Gallery,Textile Works, Kingston, On. 1999  Stuart’s Place, 

           Miniature Paintings , Kingston, On.  


2019  Faculty Exhibit.  Fine Arts Department. University of Lethbridge. 

           Penny Building. Lethbridge, AB.

2016  "New Beginnings" Gallery ERGA, "Pulse Botanica" Paintings Mtl, Qu 

2016  "Six Montreal Painters" Le Centre D’Art E.K. Gallery, Mtl, Qu.

2015  “Warmth”  Le Centre D’Art E.K. Gallery,  Mtl, Qu. 

2013   Gallerie Mile-End “Elegance, 5345 Ave du Parc, Mtl, Qu. 

           Le Centre D’Art E.K. Gallery, Complex Du Canal, Montreal, Qu 

2011   Fleurbain Gallery, Small Works, 460 #917 Ste-Catherine. Mtl, Qu            

           Le Centre D’Art E.K. Gallery, Group Expose, Mtl, Qu.            

           Le Centre D’Art E.K. Gallery, Complex Du Canal, Montreal, Qu 

2010  “Wildcard”, Le Nichoir, Wild bird rehabilitation center, Hudson,            

           Rhein Gallery, Montreal, Qu. Artists for Haiti 

2008  Artists Among Us, McGill University, Photo- Digital Collage Prints. Mtl, Qu. 

2007  Paintings and Photo Digital Collage Prints:           

           Luz Gallery, Belgo Building. Montreal, Qu           

          Blume Floral, St. Laurent, Blvd., Montreal, Qu           

          Artists Among Us, McGill University, Montreal, Qu 

2006  Paintings :           

          Galerie Nota Bene, Montreal. Qu.           

          La Galerie Espace, Montreal. Qu 2005   

          SCA Juried, Paintings, Gallery on the Grand. Waterloo, On. 2004  Paintings:               Summer Show, Juried. Gallery 888, Toronto, On.             

          SCA Juried,  Barber Gallery, Guelph, On.

         Aboriginal Arts, Film and Video Festival, Moose Factory, On. 

2003  Paintings SCA New Members Show, Paintings, Heleconian Club,Yorkville,

          Toronto, On.             

          SCA Members Show Juried, Paintings,  Hummingbird Center for the Arts,   

          Toronto, Northern Lights Fine Art Exhibition, Paintings:  James Bay, On. 2002  Northern Lights Fine Art Exhibition, Paintings, James Bay, On. 

2000  Textile Works :   

          Union Gallery, Juried, Queens University. Kingston, On.

           Modern Fuel Gallery Juried, Kingston, On. 

1999   Paintings and Drawings: Women’s Art Group Exhibition Frontenac Library, 

           Canadian Women’s Art Festival, Kingston, On. 

1997   Textile works: 

            Art Depot, Montreal. Qu.            

            Belgo Building, Montreal. Qu.            

           VAV Gallery, Juried, Concordia University. Montreal, Qu.



Jan: ARTnow Speaker Series. University of Lethbridge. PhD dissertation research Embodied Landscapes: A creation-research Indigenous métissage. 


June: The Arts in Society. Vancouver, BC. Canadian Perspectives on Arts -Based
Research in Art Education Doctoral Dissertations.  
A. Sinner & D. St. Georges,

May: CSSE Canadian Society for Studies in Education. Regina, SK Spirit of Métissage: Attentive curriculum offerings. D. St Georges, E. Hasebe-Ludt, C. Chambers, C. Leggo, M. McKeon, J. Bouchee, H. Heavyshield
  Lecture Series. Spirit of Métissage: Curricular Offerings. University  of Lethbridge. Penny building Lethbridge AB. D. St Georges, E. Hasebe-Ludt, C. Chambers, D. Donald,  J. Bouchee, H. Heavyshield
TATE Exchange: Liverpool, England. Embodied Landscapes: An creation-research Indigenous métissage. PhD Research. Exhibition Creation Research. Workshop offered to public on found poetry titled I AM.


October:  Women's Speaker Series: University of Lethbridge. Lethbridge, Alberta. D. St. Georges

February: Provoking Curriculum. McGill University. Montreal, Quebec
Artful Encounters: Life writing as Making Curriculum with, in and through Stories of Trans-research.  
A. Sinner, D. St. Georges, J. Wicks


June: Canadian Society for Education through Art, Intersections. University of Victory, Victoria, BC. 
1. An epistemology of art as a multi-textural dialogue. D. St. Georges
2. Canadian Perspectives on Arts Based Research in the Art Education Doctoral Experience 

    A. Sinner, D. St. Georges

October: Artful Inquiry Symposium. Acts of Creation: Representational
 Forms of Inquiry. McGill University, Montreal. QC.

 1.  Emergent identities through multi-textural dialogues. D. St Georges

 2. An a/r/tographic pulse: Opening conversations of resistance and accommodation as 

      scholarly provocation. A. Sinner, D. St. Georges, J. Wicks


September: International Symposium for Poetic Inquiry. University of British Columbia, BC. Art as a multi-textural dialogue. D. St Georges


American Education Research Association, San Francisco. Art as a Multi- textural Dialogue. D. St Georges

Canadian Society for Education through Art. Montreal, QC. Art as a Multi-textural Dialogue. D. St Georges