Encounters (Painting, Soundscape /Video)


I  believe that through aesthetic experience we encounter and experience  dimensions of ourselves, which is multifaceted and emerge in the act of  creating. There is a poetic and metaphorical dialectic that develops  through the process of artistic creation, which I explored through the  creation of "Encounters". As a multi-textural dialogue Encounters  demonstrates how artistic expression encompasses the person creating it  as much as it represents material space and place and, color symbolizes  and embodies metaphysical understanding as much as it is an interpretive  experience of the hues and forms in nature.  Here color at once  suggests a subtle silence as well as a powerful intensity, while the  transition of forms, from presence to absence suggests a physicality of  movement and sense of time. Through the process of creating my  perceptions and experience, along with metaphysical phenomena are  activated and embodied in my work. These experiences are transmitted  through the plasticity of materials, the semantics and juxtaposition of  colour, form, movement, texture and imagery and, in this work, sound –  sound I created to articulate my sonic encounters and its role in  transporting me 'within'; enabling me to explore and broaden my  perceptions. 


Sensations ( Painting, soundscape and Poetry/Video)


Sensations is an artistic work that acts as a multi-textural dialogue and explores my memory sensations of my Métis ancestors. As an artist, educator and emerging scholar my practice explores aesthetic experience through conceptual, sensory and the physical aspects of art-making.  I understand that aesthetic experience is cultivated in complex and active spaces. Here a dialectic interplay occurs between what is visible, what is not visible and what is textual in the work, which is what I refer to as a “multi-textural dialogue” – a type of poetic and visual metaphorical dialogue that embodies meaning, knowledge, perception, intuition, and cultural and metaphysical phenomena that contextualizes human experience.  Sensations is a dialectic engagement and can be viewed through an epistemological lens - as a way of knowing through an intricate artistic process of aesthetic awareness.